Hi! I'm Sarah Dzida.

I'm an award-winning UX and Content Strategy consultant.
By day, I collaborate with teams to build meaningful products and experiences. By night, I experiment in storytelling.

Consulting Services

I'm the expert to call when you need someone to identify, facilitate, juggle and prioritize all the complexity of making a user-friendly experience.

Core Competencies

  • UX strategy and design

  • Content strategy

  • Product design and roadmapping

  • User-centered research

  • Information architecture

  • Workshop facilitation and mentorship

  • Writing coach and editorial strategy

People Say Nice Things

"We've worked on [lots] of projects, and Sarah consistently delivers work of the highest quality."
Jaime Levy | Industry Expert

"Our clients enjoy working with Sarah because she really digs into the issues."
Diran Yanikian | Agency Founder

"Sarah is creative at thinking on her feet and [understands] complexity."
Alex Molloy | Studio Founder

"Sarah is a pleasure to work with. She's highly professional and very friendly."
Ryan Hanau | Head of Design

Select Clients

Creative Work

In my creative work, I'm able to explore and innovate across mediums and genres. This spills back over into my professional work and vice versa.

The book cover of Dearest Enemy: a friendship on a table.

Dearest Enemy: a friendship

If you like genre-bending memoirs about Japan and friendships, then this is for you.

This is freshly published!

A pastoral landscape and a shepherdess says "I'm fine."

Video Essays

In which I play around in video and talk about poetry, theatre, art, movies and other stuff.

Three people look into a doorway.

Daisy and Gatz: a webcomic

She's a zombie. He's a vampire. They're in love.

A worried woman while driving

5 Sirens: Beware of Rocks!

Five women playwrights tackle five subjects: nerds, aliens, subs vs. doms, chronic illness and panic attacks.

Premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2015 with sold-out shows.

Educational Tools

In 2008, there was a recession. So I decided to make a career transition to this "UX thing," and I owe a lot of success to mentors. I want to share what I learned, and that's why I'm making these tools.

Students do a post-it note exercise

DZ School of UX and Content Strategy

Want to learn how to UX from real-life client examples? This is the place.

Alice is in Wonderland and can't figure out which road to take.

Medium Articles

I write about discovery, user journeys, general principles, etc.

Contact Me

If you’d like more information about me or my work, feel free to schedule a consult or email me at sarah.dzida@gmail.com